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924453-104 Nike Air VaporMax Plus

blair2019 | 20 February, 2019 10:42

Atmospheric pad vintage running shoes have always been favored by fashion trends. Recently, two new Nike Air VaporMax Plus fits are exposed. Combining the Nike Air Max Plus styling with the VaporMax outsole, the avant-garde design concept is unmistakable. In terms of color matching, a pair of white and blue colors are presented, highlighting the theme of simple color matching. The other pair is the gradient powder, with white and blue to embellish the details, sweet and breathy. It is worth mentioning that the gradient powder color is exclusive for girls, and it is very unique for lovers shoes. Putting them on the street, it must be a beautiful landscape.

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Static”, which was released at the end of last year, has skyrocketed. After a year, the market price has approached $500. The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 with a translucent upper is indeed very popular. Then the well-known sneakers broke the account yeezymafia, a new pair of color matching Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Clay renderings, the recent online suspected of the physical map of the shoes. It can be seen from the real thing that the whole pair of shoes is still in a solid color dress, and the dirty pink upper is also light orange, and the translucent part is also filled with the same color.

The Nike React Element 55 Sakura Powder color that was previously exposed was recently sold on the overseas Politics website. As a girl's exclusive color, the upper is very elegant and light, and a small fresh breath comes. The midsole is equipped with React cushioning technology for a good wearing experience. It is worth mentioning that the upper is made of high-density fabric and can be easily controlled in autumn and winter.


308497-060 Air Jordan 4 Bred Will Release in May

blair2019 | 13 February, 2019 09:50

The Bulls' black and red color scheme seems to be the mainstay of 2019. In addition to the Air Jordan 6 black and red, the Air Jordan 11 black and red will return to the end of the year. The Air Jordan 4 Bred, which will be released in the middle of the year, also has a high degree of attention. I hope that the voice of this color re-enactment has been one after another in recent years, and finally realized on the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 4 shoe type. This time, in the details of loyalty to OG, in addition to the standard black and red dress, the heel and sole are presented with the Nike Air logo. Black cow leather shoes, complemented by gray and red, this color is also Michael Jordan's own style in the arena and advertising, can be said to be the most classic color matching of Air Jordan 4.

There is no doubt that the Jordans 2019 Shoes is the absolute power to dominate the sneakers in recent years, and it is also the undisputed popular shoe type No.1! How does its "dominant position" manifest itself? There is always a new color scheme that will make you fascinated! Because its color is too much, and there are many exquisite and handsome heavy styles! Recently, there is another wave of Air Jordan 1 exposure, which presents us with 3 different new colors, and each has its own unique highlights. This pair of black and white new products is not an OG shoe type, but it is also an absolute High high-top style. The tongue has a leather label with Jumpman Logo, which is quite textured. Swoosh and the upper are white with a marble-like pattern, and people can't help but think of the upcoming Air Jordan 4 with similar visual themes, most likely the same series.

The collaboration between Pharrell Williams and adidas Originals was truly exciting in 2018, with the “world concept” at its core, bringing with it many new products in exotic styles. In addition to the increase in style, the volume of the sale is also enlarged, the difficulty of the start of the reduction, but also brought down the market price, for the loyal fans of the Philippine shoes, it is a good mobile phone. After entering 2019, Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals will also have new moves. Today, we are welcoming a wave of new spy photos, let us take a quick look! NIGO's trending brand, Human Made, will welcome a joint effort with adidas to present the familiar Human Made Logo on white Hu NMD, Tennis Hu and Solar Hu. There is also a new exposure for the new shoe type! The high-top design is used, the temperament of retro basketball shoes, the straps at the ankles, and the triangular logo of Hu shows its identity.


Air Jordan 1 Mid Fly Come with Transparent Swoosh Logo

blair2019 | 06 February, 2019 09:33

With the popularity of Air Jordan 1, Jordan Brand has also given more color themes to Mid shoes to hit the market. Today, a new color air Jordan 1 Mid "Fly" exposure. The Air Jordan 1 Mid Fly is displayed in shades of blue, with yellow accents to highlight the color gradation. The tongue label and the upper are presented in a sturdy way, which is full of playfulness. On the outside of the vamp, the Fly graffiti lettering highlights the personality and points to the theme. It is worth mentioning that the Swoosh Logo is treated with a transparent material to give a refreshing feeling. The selection of the ice blue outsole is in line with it.

From the early Air Max 90, which has been popular in the country, to the Air Max 95, 97 and 98, which have become popular in recent years, it is easy to see that the status of Air Max is very high in the hearts of domestic shoe players. 2019 Mens Jordans naturally attaches great importance to the Air Max series, and a number of new designs with great sincerity are frequently released. Recently, the sneakers store sneakerpolitics has a new color matching Air Max 98, whether it is color or design, it will definitely bring you no small surprise. Different from the retro color schemes that have been sold in the past, the Air Max 98 is decorated with tie-dyed denim, cashew flowers and a lot of raw rubber details. The combination of popular street dresses and classic shoes in recent years, the visual level is extremely rich, is definitely the potential stock of the recent shoe market.

Jordans 2019 Shoes will usher in the new Air Max 720 this year, last year's Air Max 270 will still introduce new products, and a new pair of South Coast color matching will soon be officially launched. The Nike Air Max 270 shoe's upper uses a large area of ??lake blue, and the details and striking Air Max air cushions are accented with bright pink to create a highly classic classic South Coast color scheme with a high degree of eyesight.


487724-661 Air Jordan 4 GS True Berry

blair2019 | 29 January, 2019 09:12

Near Valentine's Day, Jordan Brand has recently launched a variety of "Valentine's Day" color matching shoes, whether it is Air Jordan 1 Low, Air Jordan 1 Mid has gained good popularity. Recently, a pair of Air Jordan 4 Valentine's Day color release, but the GS version, I am afraid that men's toe can not get on the feet, but to send a girlfriend is a good choice. The overall design of the Air Jordan 4 GS True Berry shoe continues the two-seat Air Jordan 1, which was previously released, in white and red. The large area of the berry red is particularly eye-catching, complemented by peach-pink details, which highlights the Valentine's Day atmosphere. The white midsole echoes the white Jumpman Logo, and the overall layering is very clear. It is worth mentioning that the special feature of this pair of shoes is that the logo of the Valentine's Day logo on the heel is similar to the transparent wave point design of “Spider-Man”.

Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals shoes will be available almost every month in 2018. The “China Limited” series released in the summer is even more memorable for the fans. The unique Chinese embroidery makes many fans love it. For the upcoming Spring Festival, 2019 Mens Jordans has brought a more elegant Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals CNY series, which will soon release two models, SolarHu and BYW. The black and red color of the SolarHu upper still retains the iconic Hu embroidery, and the other foot has an ingenious “Fu” embroidery, a very direct traditional New Year element. It is worth pondering that Hu's pronunciation is similar to "Fu", as Chinese shoes fans can receive such a pair of shoes should be very good. Another pair of Crazy BYW overall design uses red and yellow color combinations on a large scale, which perfectly interprets the Chinese character “tomato scrambled eggs”. The body of the shoe is complemented by a festive scale texture that creates a full Spring Festival atmosphere. The “AMBITION” embroidered font on the upper of the Philippine plaque still shows the extraordinary humanistic feelings!

The long-exposure exposure will refresh the Nike air cushion thickness of the new running shoes Air Max 720 finally announced the release of the first color matching information!2019 Sneakers Release Extending the air Max 270 air cushion that was unveiled last year to the forefoot, it provides a full range of comfort cushioning for your feet. The Air Max 270 is now the thickest air cushion in the Nike with a thickness of 32mm, but the Air Max 720 is about to refresh this record with a thickness of 38mm! Not only is the cushioning upgrade, but also the shoemaking process has progressed, 75% of the parts are made of recycled materials to ensure the quality and environmental protection. Nike Air Max 720 Northern Lights' first color matching fusion of lava flow, Northern Lights, Milky Way, sunset and other natural landscape elements, dazzling to create a future sci-fi experience.


CI1184-001 Air Jordan 4 Black Laser Comfirm to Release Next Week

blair2019 | 14 January, 2019 10:32

In 2019, Nike Air Jordan Sneakers also officially celebrated the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Jordan 4. Presumably, in the whole year, it will be indispensable. Since it is an anniversary, natural new products must be more sincere. Although the female pink patent leather Air Jordan 4, which had been planted by everyone before, was not on the shelves in China, the black laser Air Jordan 4 Black Laser, which is full of laser patterns, is set to be coming next week, perhaps for the AJ4. The little friend brings a little comfort. The pattern is very similar to the silver Air Jordan 4 laser that was introduced in the early years. The black body is matched with a white midsole and a raw rubber outsole. Under the sturdy appearance, the laser pattern spread over the upper, and many elements of Jordan are presented in a totem style. Exquisite and exquisite details. In everyday wear, black shoes are not only more resistant to dirt, but also wear almost even all-round. It is good to wear and not pick people. Even if you step on to work, it will not be too awkward!

This year, Nike teamed up with Jordan Brand and Converse to release the 2019 Chinese New Year CNY series. Nike Air Max 98 CNY Inspired by the Chinese folklore “Hundreds of Clothes”, Nike brings a visual feast, and the lineup of shoes is unprecedentedly luxurious! Following the Air Jordan 12's debut, the highly playable double-layer upper design covers two Nike Air Max 98s of the Nike CNY series exclusive elements over the past 12 years.

This year, the Nike series has been officially released, and the wind "CNY" that debuted has given everyone a surprise, known as this year's hidden Boss. But never expected, today there is a Nike Air Force 1 CNY exposure, it seems that this year's hidden style is really quite a lot. Air Force 1 is an essential shoe in the annual CNY collection. This year's color scheme does not incorporate the obvious zodiac elements, similar to Air Max 98, using a variety of advanced material stitching designs. A satin material embroidered with flowers is used at the toe, and the middle part resembles a colorful pattern of origami, and the heel is a red serpent patent leather. The Swoosh Logo is presented in yellow, and the edge stitching looks like the OFF-WHITE co-branded style.


adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Inertia Plan to Release Early 2019

blair2019 | 04 January, 2019 10:42

In the new year, the new Yeezy series is mainly based on the adidas Yeezy Boost 700. Previously, there were three pairs of new color schemes. Recently, the Instagram shoe account onusinfo first appeared in a pair of adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Inertia physical map, it seems that the official release is getting closer. Compared with the renderings, the first exposure of the real thing has subtle differences, the shoes are made of different shades of gray, the light gray upper is slightly blue, only the orange and pink embellishment is added in the midsole, and the first hair The style of the color scheme is completely different, and there is still no bright color. It seems that the shoes of the new year have been changed to low-key wild routes.

The 2018 that has just passed is definitely the big year of Air Jordan 1. Whether it is the re-enactment of OG's classic color scheme or the debut of the new color scheme, it has become a hot commodity on the market. Jordan Brand continued the development of the new color scheme and re-launched a high-profile Air Jordan 1 High Premium for girls. This pair of sneakers is based on a 9-hole shoe and is finished with a black powder color scheme. Black and white knit fabric is used from the toe to the tongue, and the Swoosh Logo and upper pattern are decorated in pink marble with an overall texture.

Nike Air Max 98 has returned to people's attention last year. With the classic retro style and impressive color matching, it has won many players' favor! And in 2019, it still maintains a new rhythm, and this pair of fresh and refreshing new details is worthy of your attention! Nike Air Max 98 Metallic Silver shoes are white with a main tone, Swoosh and heel shoes are infused with a bright red decoration, and the navy blue midsole cushion adds a rich layer! What is special is that the inside of the shoe body is made of metal-glossy silver embroidery to create the "98" lettering. It is different from the previous conventional style, highlighting the identity of the shoe type, and highlighting the unique personality, which is very ceremonial!


Fragment x Air Jordan 1 Black Toe Will Return In 2019

blair2019 | 25 December, 2018 09:31

In 2014, the birth of a pair of Fragment x Air Jordan 1 made the sneaker circle more than a pair of fetishes. The rising price proved its supremacy in countless shoe fans. As early as 2017, there was news that the two sides will once again cooperate with each other. This time, it will bring a more popular black toe color, but it was confirmed to be a rumor. In November of this year, many sneakers exposed account numbers called the new lightning joint name Fragment x Air Jordan 1 Black Toe will be re-enacted in 2019, but there is no physical map. Recently, some people actually exposed the shoes on Instagram. It seems that the legendary Air Jordan 1 is going to become a reality. You can see that the two lightning bolts completely use the design of the first year Black Toe Air Jordan 1. . The first year of the black toe Air Jordan 1 is a black tongue, the subsequent replica version is a white tongue, followed by the imprint Fragment Lightning Logo highlights the noble joint status.

Next year is the 30th anniversary of Air Jordan 4, with a lot of OG color matching and new color matching. In January next year, in addition to the girl-only "Hot Punch", there will be a black laser color matching. Less than a month before the release, the official map has been released recently. At the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan series, a very high-purity pure white laser AJ4 was introduced. This time, the Air Jordan 4 SE Laser Black Gum is similar in style to the full upper, and the full upper is covered with a laser pattern. But the upper is made of black leather, which makes the laser texture more low-key. It is said that the texture of the upper has a 3M reflective effect. Although there is no physical map to produce a reflective effect, it is exciting to think about it! The overall color is pure black with a white midsole and a raw rubber outsole. The look is retro and versatile. At present, AJ4 has taken off the whole line. White cement, motorcycle blue and other white cabbage prices have been 2000+! Next, AJ4 may become the next hot shoe type after AJ1. As one of the earliest color combinations to be released next year, this black laser is more worthy of attention.

The Nike Air Force 1 is often immersed in a variety of elements for its classic versatile look, with a multi-colour scheme. Among them, military outdoor style has been launched in recent years. This time Nike Air Force 1 once again brought a military outdoor wind dress and added a new leafy camouflage element. One of them is a classic leafy camouflage that is common in military and outdoor clothing. It is equipped with black embellishment and raw rubber outsole. It is very outdoor, not only full of personality but also very resistant to dirt and practical. In addition to the deciduous primary colors, white and orange color combinations are also introduced, which also have a foliate upper texture, but the overall style is more individual and offers more matching options.


New adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Static is Really So Cool

blair2019 | 17 December, 2018 09:25

After last week's yellow zebra, the Yeezy 350 V2 is about to usher in this year's finale, which is the translucent adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Static color scheme that everyone expects for a long time. Earlier we reported that this color scheme not only has a translucent design, but also a rare version with a reflective effect. Today there is a set of physical images taken in low light, designed to show off its cool reflective effects. For the first time, the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 has undergone a major change. The overall design is light gray. The new woven texture has never been seen before. The semi-transparent gauze material is added to replace the original paint strip print. The upper leg will definitely bring the color matching to the past. Different feelings. This special version also adds a 3M reflective material to the entire woven upper, which shines under the light and has a starry feel.

This year, Air Jordan 1 is extremely popular, and even women's exclusive color matching is extremely popular. Like the silk smashing is designed for women, but then the boys have also bought a large size on the high price, which shows its charm. This year's last female exclusive Air Jordan 1 fashion network red Aleali May x Air Jordan 1 will be released this weekend, the latest physical and foot map released. The Air Jordan 1 is luxuriously styled, and the upper is made of red, blue, pink, purple and other colors of suede. The sleek design is gorgeous, and the leather lining and insole show the luxurious temperament. Most notable is the addition of a detachable fur design at the tongue that connects to the tongue through a snap fit. The fur is removed to bring a simple sporty style, and the upper legs are more versatile. The fur is gorgeous and adds a warm look, suitable for winter wear.

Every year, Nike will launch a large number of new Air Force 1 products, in addition to the classic solid color system, it will add a lot of new and interesting design elements. Recently, a pair of new Air Force 1 with a smile on the upper is printed with white and pink. This year Nike brought the Nike Air Force 1 Have A Nike Day series, which is one of the representative logos. The blessing with this pattern should be loved by many girls.


2018 Air Jordan 11 Concord Release this month

blair2019 | 08 December, 2018 10:48

As one of the most popular color schemes of Air Jordan 11, the re-enactment of "Concord" seven years later has been confirmed. There is a new version of the physical spy exposure on the network, embroidered with the number "45" instead of the traditional back. The version of "23" returns again. Recently, the official will finally release official pictures, reproduce the picture of Michael Jordan's foot, and invite Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Edison Chen, Justin Timberlake and Tinker Hatfield to introduce and define the shoes again, giving the fans a chance to re-recognize them. .

Nike Air Foamposite Pro has always been a very popular way to present, especially in gold, which gives the texture a new level, unlike the Nike Air Foamposite Pro gold black color set last year, this time Nike Air Foamposite Pro Black/Metallic Gold seeks a touch of gold in a low-key, black interpretation of the foamed upper like a beetle's outer shell, and the Swoosh logo and the tongue line on the side of the shoe with bright eye gold, which makes the metallic elements particularly bright under the black background.

Nike has unveiled another popular shoe type "South Beach" for us today. In the popular shoe type Nike Epic React Flyknit, the black tone and blue and pink color knit details are added to the Flyknit material upper surface, while the midsole and the outsole position are also echoed in the same color tone. The inside of the shoe has a conspicuous nike. The words are presented.



blair2019 | 02 December, 2018 10:59

Adidas Originals officially released this week YEEZY 500 new color "Salt", I believe many fans have started. After the latest color matching "Mauve" of ADIDAS YEEZY BOOST 700 in October, the well-known breaking account YEEZY MAFIA ushered in the latest information of the new YEEZY BOOST 700. This time, the retro "Dad Shoe" shoe body construction continues, adding the familiar "Salt". Color matching, and the color difference can be felt from the difference in material. YEEZY BOOST 700 The new color scheme "Salt" is scheduled to be officially released in the spring of 2019, and is suspected to be part of the YEEZY SEASON 8 program.

With the official start of December, the launch of the sneakers also ushered in a new month. In this month's role, the Spider-Man Air Jordan 1 is quite dazzling. As the release date is getting closer, new news has come out in recent days. The latest news is the name of the Air Jordan 1 Origin Story, which is designed by Jordan Brand for the upcoming super-animated animation system "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe". The new color scheme can be said to be 90% similar to the classic Chicago Air Jordan 1, with the most popular black and white and red color. This upper is made of high-quality lychee leather. The biggest change is the addition of polka-dot elements in the red part or the use of 3M illuminating material. The high degree of recognition is memorable. The ice-blue crystal outsole has been exposed for new details. Presented, it seems to have added gold powder embellishment, the details and texture are very good. At the same time, the shoe box has also become a highlight. The whole shoe box has a movie poster propaganda pattern printed on it. It is not known whether the commercial version will be such a shoe box.

This year is the first time that CLOT has cooperated with Jordan Brand. After seeing these sneakers with strong Chinese style, most people have recognized and loved the design of Guan Xige, and almost all the details of the whole pair of shoes have been re-created. Design, sincere. The CLOT x Air Jordan 13 Low shoes are made of dirty orange, light khaki and money gray suede material. The biggest highlight is that the upper is presented in a grid-like texture. The addition of wires and joints runs through. It seems to be integrated with the terracotta warriors and horses, and the golden enamel clothes. Cultural elements. In detail, the tongue and heel are embellished with CLOT and Jumpman gold logo, and the white crystal outsole is as beautiful as CLOT.



blair2019 | 27 November, 2018 09:25

OFF-WHITE x Nike This wave of joint names excites everyone. The shoes continue the design style of the OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1 joint design. The overall color is mainly white, and the slogans of major brands are also printed on the inside of the shoes. , to increase the exclusive characteristics of brand joint names. The eye-catching "AIR" in the bottom white crystal is inspired by the classic inheritance of the Nike air force 1 shoe. The co-branded designer, Virgil Abloh, has established a partnership since he first visited NIKE headquarters in October of October. Adolescent Virgil Abloh sketched a sketch of his shoes with his friends and sent it to Nike. "We fell in love with Air Jordan," said Virgil Abloh, 36, who is based in Milan and Chicago. "Michael Jordan is a legend. In my heart he is Superman. My entire design background and spirit are from the 90s. ”Off-White designer Virgil Abloh is going crazy with his Nike collaboration. The original release of “The Ten” stuck to a plain all-white colorway, with a splash of color for the Jordan 1. Since then, Off-White and Nike have expanded their collaboration massively, roping in new silhouettes and more audacious color schemes. The latest pack of new colorways has been teased for some time now, leaking much earlier in the year. However, it wasn’t until this week that a release date was finally revealed. Using the Air Force 1 Low as their canvas, Virgil and Nike have decked out the shoe entirely in both black and their signature volt tone, with quick hits of white or black on the Swoosh and “AIR” motifs.

The adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 is coming. First leaked by Kanye himself when he first jumped back onto Twitter earlier this year, the updated silhouette will first arrive in a subtle new colorway. Currently referred to as the “Static” look, this colorway covers the latest adidas Yeezy Boost in shades of white and pale grey, making this a perfect Spring or Summer model.

The adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 retains much of the same profile as the last year’s original iteration. The new version uses the same outsole as before and reworks the entire upper for a more layered look. According to YeezyMafia, the 700 V2 will be made primarily from suede and nubuck, meaning a significant jump in quality from 2017’s original look. The toe box on the new model is slightly more jagged, and the sides feature long strips for support just above the sole, similar to the adidas Yeezy 500. The lacing system is similar to the original, though the central eyelets are instead loopholes. Three new stripes have been added to the quarter panel, in a material that was recently confirmed to be a fully reflective 3M. Finally, the adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 is completed by several suede layers on the heel to provide a more stable, cupped feel, as opposed to the single piece on the original model.


The Air Jordan 4 Wahlburgers Will Coming Soon

blair2019 | 15 November, 2018 10:22

Mark Wahlberg has close ties with Jordan Brand as he was seen with the Jordan Brand team back in 2016 designing his own shoe. Wahlberg ended up debuting the sneaker, which was an Air Jordan 4 inspired by his Wahlburgers restaurant. Now the world renowned actor has pairs not only for himself, but also for his friends and family as Jordan Brand has shipped him a box containing multiple pairs in different sizes. Mark Wahlberg unboxed the package from Jordan Brand on his Instagram stories which show the multiple pairs of his Jordan 4 Wahlburgers.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes is set to release an all-new Air Jordan 12 Bulls colorway that’s scheduled to debut later this November.Dressed in the classic Chicago Bulls color scheme. This Air Jordan 12 features a full Gym Red leather upper atop a matching Red rubber sole. Black detailing throughout completes the Bulls theme.

Adding to Jordan Brand’s grade school lineup is an all-new Air Jordan 12 colorway releasing mid-November.Dressed in a Desert Sand and Pro Purple color scheme. This Air Jordan 12 features a Sandy White leather upper highlighted with Purple contrasting accents and overlays. Adding a nice added touch are Metallic upper eyelets.


Buy Best Price adidas Ultra Boost Glow In The Dark

blair2019 | 04 November, 2018 09:27

Previously appeared on eBay's luminous adidas Ultra Boost Glow In The Dark Sample version, currently off the mark, the price is staggering $1000. Now the other pair has appeared on the Internet. Unlike the previous ones, the insole is printed with the logo of British fashion designer Stella McCartney who co-branded with adidas. Can't help but wonder if this cool night running shoe is exclusive to girls? Simple, lightweight and breathable, Ultra Boost Uncaged undoubtedly brings a new and great choice for summer wear! After the release of the Color Boost color midsole version, the new product release rhythm remains. This new color is presented in an interwoven texture of sun red and red wine, complemented by a burgundy Heel TPU, finished with a white Boost and a black outsole.

Recently, adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Collegiate Navy is decorated with navy blue woven shoes and black stabilizers. It is equipped with a well-featured full-boost Boost cushioning midsole, which brings a cool and calm street style. I believe that everyone is no stranger to Ultra Boost to manually remove the version of the Cage framework. Before the official version of Uncaged, UB fans automatically cut the frame and created a new Ultra Boost that is dynamic and simple. Uncaged". The NMD XR1, which was just released, went the other way. The Cage frame was added to the NMD shoe model, and the shoe model was presented in a more sturdy shape, presenting a completely different street style.

However, there are still players who like DIY, and OFF WHITE X adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Black White will do the opposite again! In front of this NMD XR1 Uncaged from the folk, removed the adidas finally added to the frame, this simple and refreshing, really has extraordinary visual expression! It seems that in addition to Ultra Boost Uncaged, adidas Running will continue to bring UB's derivative models. In front of the two new Ultra Boost, not only the thickening of the fabric, but also the contours and details are very different! One pair is Uncaged Laceless. On the basis of removing the frame, the shoelace design is completely omitted and a tongue design is made. The other one further simplifies the Cage, retaining the lace buckle and Heel TPU, while presenting three bars through the upper, and the main highlight is the height of the upper, forming a sock design!


Where to buy best price NIKE Air Max 97 Metallic Hematite?

blair2019 | 26 October, 2018 10:20

2017 is not only the 35th birthday of AIR FORCE 1, but also the 20th anniversary of Nike's other sneaker, NIKE Air Max 97 Metallic Hematite. Originally in front of AIR FORCE 1, the retro Max 97 is still a little brother! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Air Max 97, NIKE also launched a pair of color schemes for this "little son" to push the popularity of this classic retro shoe to the peak. Today we are going to introduce the pair of NIKE Air Max 97 "Metallic Hematite" with pure black as the main tone, the details are added with very little red embellishment, the black upper has an ore-like metallic luster, and the 3M reflective material adds no The same texture and visual effects, like a black storm, sweeping your second half of the winter!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Air Max 97, Nike has launched a pair of color schemes to bring the popularity of these classic vintage shoes to the peak. Recently, a new pair of Nike Air Max 97 “Metallic Hematite” will be available soon. The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Glow In The Dark shoes are made of pure black, with minimal red accents, black metal finish with ore-like metallic luster, and 3M reflective material to add a different texture and visual effect. At the same time NIKE another shoe AIR MAX 97 20th anniversary, the term Nike Air max 97, now everyone is no longer strange, last year, Nike around it made a variety of replica versions can be described as earning eyeballs, now Xiaobian will take you a deeper understanding of Air max 97!

Nike continues to combine past silhouettes to create new and bold styles, and this Nike Air VaporMax 2.0 Wine Red release is no different. The Air Max 97/BW takes the upper of Tinker Hatfield's Air Max Classic BW and fuses it with the revolutionary Air Max 97 sole that saw visible Air Meet the toe for the first time. Combining two iconic Air Max silhouettes into one, the Air Max 97/BW 'Persian Bullet Train' creates a mashup for the ages. In addition to the joint name, a series of ordinary color combinations are also obtained by the fans. Favor. With such a good momentum, Nike Sportswear will naturally spare no effort to continue to bring a new color to it. This Nike Air Max 97 "Metallic Hematite" debuted in black, and even the visual air cushion unit is also reflected in the low-key pure black, showing the black soul temperament. The large area of 3M reflective elements makes it look different in the dark.


Best Price to Buy Air Jordan 1 Retro High Banned

blair2019 | 17 October, 2018 11:49

Nike Air Jordan Shoes not only full of Michael Jordan's Joe and Sakuragi's feelings, but with the gorgeous upgrade of new fine and high-quality leather, it is also difficult to resist in the visual effect of wearing! The just-released Air Jordan 31 opens the new chapter of the AJ series with innovative basketball shoe technology, and pays homage to the classic "Bred" color scheme with the original ancestor AJ 1, while the brand also brings Air Jordan 1 High "Banned" In the replica version, the "Bred" color scheme was listed on the "blacklist" by NBA President David Stern, and the players were forbidden to wear the debut. Nike was fined $5,000 per game.

The Air Jordan 1 Retro High Banned, which has been controversial since the spy photos, is the biggest controversy from the upper design of its Flyknit woven material, not only dubbed “silk shoes”, but also Some people commented that "grandmothers play the same paragraph", then the netizens are too strict, or Jordan Brand this time deliberately innovating too hard, painting tigers not anti-category dogs?Let's not worry about it, or let's take a look at the details of this shoe through official pictures. In addition to the sculpt of the shoe body, the AJ1 Flyknit is not formed in one piece, but is made up of multiple pieces of different weaves. This simulated leather stitching design greatly enhances the layering; The lace part is also added with a top coat for improved texture; the red leather Swoosh Logo is printed on the leather at the top of the tongue, and the entire upper and tongue look very straight; the Wings and Swoosh on the side of the upper are also They are all decorated with red textured leather.

The back of the Swoosh Logo is joined with a square leather material for stitching. The Nike Air Max 270 Blue Red inner leather of the tongue is also printed with 1985 numbers. The upper lining is also covered with leather and printed with a unique number; the insole surface is used. Made of leather, the vintage Swoosh Logo is pressed out of the leather.From the above details, it is not difficult to see that this Air Jordan 1 Flyknit uses a Flyknit material upper to replace the traditional leather upper. This is a bold attempt. The upper is changed to a leather lining, and the surface of the insole is changed to leather. The improvements show the low-key and luxurious style of the shoes, and the sincerity of the innovation Joran Brand.


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