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addias Yeezy 500 Bone White Will Release in 2019

blair2019 | 25 June, 2019 11:31

Yeezy's new color schemes are bursting like this year. The color schemes of Yeezy Boost 350 V2, Yeezy Boost 700 and V2 have been sold for nearly ten models. The Yeezy 500 series, which has not appeared in the field of shoes, has recently appeared in a new effect. This color is called addias Yeezy 500 Bone White. The rare raw rubber material outlines the unique outsole curve of the Yeezy 500. The contrast with the body of the shoe is more chic. The current Yeezy series is gradually polarized in the hearts of shoe lovers. The hot summer Yeezy Boost 350 V2 series is almost a hot topic. As the Yeezy 500 series with the lowest color matching, there is a good market price in the resale market. Until the end of summer and early autumn, it may become more popular as the weather changes.

Virgil Abloh and Nike's joint collaboration have opened a new chapter, with the theme of “Athlete in Progress” creating a new series with a strong sporting temperament. The immediate OFF-WHITE x Nike Zoom Kiger 5 is the first shoe of this new theme. Inspired by the unique aesthetics of the track and field, the shoe is designed to pay tribute to the runner's unbreakable willpower. The sporty Zoom Kiger 5 shoe body also implements Virgil's structural aesthetics, with iconic deconstruction of Swoosh, unique tongues, anti-drop buckles, and OFF-WHITE fonts.

Born in 1989, the Air Jordan 4 celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. This year, apart from the heavy return of Bred and the new color matching at the end of the year, there are not many big shows. And today it is reported that the black cat color matching Air Jordan 4 Black Cat, which was first released in 2006, is likely to return to the engraving, and the release time is 2020. The all-black body is combined with the midsole and sole of the same color. The black cat color with a sense of texture has always been a popular dress for the sneakers. Because it is resistant to dirt and versatile, it is especially favored by domestic sneaker players.


2019 Air Jordan 10 GS Will Release Next Month

blair2019 | 12 June, 2019 20:53

2019 Mens Jordans,Among the many Air Jordan sneakers, the Air Jordan 10 is one of the classic shoes that are constantly being introduced. However, this year has passed for more than half a year, but it has not yet launched a new color scheme, which has disappointed many fans. Recently, I finally exposed a new Air Jordan 10 related release information, which will be officially launched on the first day of July! The overall upper is mainly white, with a black tongue. The very simple contrast effect adds a lot to the overall value. The red wavy red line on the side is extremely bright on the white upper. The biggest highlight is the color graffiti-inspired midsole design, which contrasts with the overall sleek style of the body, and the vibrant tones are perfect for summer wear.

The Yeezy era created by Kanye West, from the early Yeezy Boost 350 to the present Yeezy Boost 350 V2. Not only the upgrade of the shoe profile, but also the change of the Yeezy series design language. Everyone who has promised Kanye can wear Yeezy, and now it has achieved more than half. But the Yeezy series of shoes blueprints, far more than that. Recently, Yeezy officially exposed the new basketball shoes. The shoes were previously used by Mrs. Kardashian and friends Don C. The color scheme adopts gray, white and black colors, and the upper is black and white, showing the iconic zebra pattern. The upper and heel are spliced in large black and gray, matching the white midsole to outline the avant-garde contour. What's more, the 3M reflective shading is hidden in the upper and the midsole. Therefore, it has been rumored to be banned by the NBA.

2019 Cheap Jordan,Since the launch of the Zoom Fly series, it has gained a very high popularity with its good face value and foot feel. This year's Zoom Fly 3 brings no big changes. The iconic design of the flap upper was retained, and the news said that the cushioning technology was changed to React cushioning, while the built-in full palm carbon fiber board, the configuration specifications are extremely high! At the same time, the midsole of the whole pair of shoes is thicker and the arch is higher, which brings more excellent fit and foot feeling. The light green and orange colors of the first color match are perfect for summer wear, and the details are rich.


2019 Nike Air Max 720 Cool Grey To Release Now

blair2019 | 05 June, 2019 10:41

The Nike Air Max 720 is increasingly rich in color on the release calendar, offering unparalleled comfort with an unprecedented atmosphere cushion. The Nike Air Max 720 Cool Grey upper is covered with cold ash, and the air cushion that runs through the sole is also in the same color. The light to dark color transitions into a layered and layered, and the orange Nike Swoosh on the side of the shoe adds a striking vibrancy.

Jordans 2019 Shoes released the Air Jordan 6 “DMP”  in 2006, and the Air Jordan 11 was presented in a suit. These two pairs of shoes represent two important moments in Jordan's career. In the minds of many shoe fans have a high status. Due to the scarcity of the package volume and the high price, the difficulty of starting the game was extremely high, which became a great regret in the hearts of many shoe players. Recently, it is reported that these shoes will be commemorated in 2020! Pure black body with Air Jordan 6 logo clear crystal outsole, heel logo, shoe lift and many other details complemented by gold embellishments, luxurious texture is undoubted. The nubble material upper also gives it a distinctive texture. I believe that once it is re-enacted, it will be favored by many players.

2019 Sneakers Release  is at the forefront of all brands by applying cutting-edge 3D printing technology to shoe manufacturing. With the first appearance of 4D running shoes, with more excellent feet and a scientific sense of appearance, more and more fans have been conquered. As more and more color combinations appear, the difficulty of getting started is reduced, and more fans can experience this new technology shoe. The new color scheme of the adidas ZX4000 4D will be changed to the pure tone style, with a variety of color elements, and the contrast effect makes the appearance more dynamic, which is very suitable for the summer. The shoe body is partially stitched with a suede material, making this technology shoe equally good in terms of texture.


Shop New Discount Nike Air Fear of God 1 on Cadysneakers

blair2019 | 29 May, 2019 10:20

Jordans 2019 Shoes often creates exclusive color matching shoes for the University of Oregon, each pair is extremely rare, and has always been a high-ranking player in the minds of many shoe players. Even the shoe king Tucker can't resist the unique charm of it. At the end of last year, he had a pair of black Air Jordan 6 PE Oregon Ducks. The body is made of white leather, with the iconic green accent of the University of Oregon, and the O-shaped logo on the side is presented in a punched form to highlight the special identity of the shoe. Embossed with fluorescent green wings and a fluorescent green crystal outsole, it gives a strong visual impact and is unforgettable.

The NBA playoffs have already reached the finals, and Zhan Huang, who missed the playoffs early, has lived on social media for the past two days. While training, while on vacation, I also went to see my son Bronny's basketball game. Surprisingly, the side of the field, Zhan Huang, a pair of feet, the upcoming Nike Air Fear of God 1 lime color. On the field, Bronny had a pair of Air Shoot Around white and gray colors. Estimated to be the darling of Zhan Huang, deliberately with Bronny took a wave of father and son. The pair of lime-coloured air colors, the Air Fear of God 1, will be very fresh.

2019 Sneakers Release collaborated to launch a joint color scheme based on Air Jordan 14, which virtually increased the attention of Air Jordan 14. In all the colors of the Air Jordan 14, in addition to the classic last shot, the red-themed Ferrari color is also very popular. This year, Jordan brought a pair of reversal Ferrari Air Jordan 14 Reverse Ferrari, which will officially debut in recent days. Foreign netizens have taken the lead in taking photos. It is called the reverse Ferrari theme because the shoes are very different from the red color of the Ferrari Air Jordan 14. The whole pair of shoes is bright yellow, the high-quality leather is used to create the upper, and the carbon fiber texture on the midsole is matched with the Air Jordan 14 streamlined body line, which highlights the theme of the Ferrari sports car.


Shop Nike Air Force 1 Low Ivory Snake on jordans2019shoes

blair2019 | 22 May, 2019 22:19

Jordans 2019 Shoes With the recent wave of serpentine color matching, Nike's new snake-like Air Force 1 also received good market feedback. Nike Air Force 1 Low Ivory Snake was officially launched on SNKRS this morning and is now sold out. I have to feel the enthusiasm of the players. The most eye-catching part of the overall body is the Swoosh on the side of the shoe. It uses the texture of the python snake pattern, with brown as the main color and a pure white body. The application of the contrast effect is a lot of appearance. The serpentine pattern extends from Swoosh on the side of the shoe to the heel, and the tongue is black. The combination of light and dark tones reduces the difficulty of matching.

Recently, Nike has launched three Air Jordan 11 Low snake colors, and the classic basketball shoes Air Foamposite One with many loyal fans will also launch their own snake version. When the Air Foamposite One first appeared, the Nike Air Foamposite One Snakeskin stunned the sneakers with a unique material and body design. The application of this snake color is even more irresistible. The upper is made of black and white python scales, and the interlaced combination of simple tones is very layered, and the large-area pattern throughout the whole is amazing. The sole is designed in red to avoid the problem of oxidation of the translucent crystal base for a long time, so that people can wear it more confidently. The Swoosh of the tongue and heel are designed in red, which echoes the color of the sole, and at the same time creates a contrast effect with the upper, which greatly enhances the appearance value.

2019 Sneakers Release reported yesterday that adidas official website has seven 4D running shoes at one time. Earlier today, the adidas official finally revealed to us the ALPHAEDGE 4D running shoes that both of them would like to adopt. As early as 2017, adidas first exposed the 4D sole technology that was created in collaboration with Carbon Technology. Although adidas ALPHAEDGE 4D has been spread all over the streets during the past two years, it seems that many friends are new to this technology. In fact, both parties use 3D printing technology to accurately print out complex grid structures, and at the same time add multiple Runner's pro-test data (Data) to optimize, creating a cushioning technology that is both practical and beautiful. After two years, adidas is finally ready to mass produce AALPHAEDGE 4D, which will allow golfers around the world to experience this new technology. In addition, adidas' iconic Primeknit upper and Continental rubber outsole allow you to enjoy the running process.


adidas Ultra Boost 19 White Green is Coming Soon

blair2019 | 15 May, 2019 21:24

At the end of last year, adidas Ultra Boost 19 was officially released. Whether it is thick Boost technology or simple design, adidas new generation of super running shoes has a lot of powder. As time goes by, adidas is also launching a new color scheme for this pair of super running shoes. The shoe body is covered with a large area of white, complemented by a green three-bar logo and a heel stabilizer. The design is simple and clean, and is very suitable for the spring and summer vitality. In addition, under the collision of white and green colors, Stan Smith has a sense of sight.

2019 Mens Jordans often launches a limited edition shoe with a hard "backstage". The Trophy Room, which he recently operated, teamed up with Jordan Brand to bring two pairs of Air Jordan 5. Trophy Room x Air Jordan 5 Ice Blue features ice-blue suede as a shoe, and midsole detailing with red splashes. The 3M reflective material on the tongue is eye-catching and eye-catching. One of the shoes is classic 23rd embroidery, changed to the number 5, the insole is made of special cork material, and the Jumpman Logo is also replaced by the Trophy Room logo. Many details show the special identity of the shoes. In addition to the shoes, a pure white storage bag and Trophy Room card are included, and even the sneaker wrapping paper is transparent.

2019 Cheap Jordan,Last year Nike's new React shock-absorbing running shoes were dazzling, and they gained a good reputation from the shape to the foot. This year's new Nike React 2019 is about to debut. The first appearance of this pair of shoes is this year, Nike legendary designer Tinker Hatfield took the lead, and recently there are foreign sneaker players to bring a new color map. The shoes are designed to be completely different from other React series. The upper is made of a mesh material and a synthetic material. It uses a special pull-down shoelace system. In the large area of white and gray, red and lake green embellishment, the biggest highlight is the middle bottom position, the React cushioning is presented in a new form, and the red color is added with a round gray embellishment. What are the specific designs? The mystery is still unknown. The shape is more eye-catching with the previous Epic React Flyknit. Although I don't know how it feels, I think there should be a good performance upgrade and a soft bullet experience.


Nike Air Max Plus GS Coming New Colorways

blair2019 | 09 May, 2019 10:56

Along with the coming of summer, more and more small fresh colors have become the favorite shoes for girls. The small fresh shoes specially designed for girls will soon be on sale. The Nike Air Max Plus GS features a South Coast color scheme, and the classic mix of cyan and pink reappears, bringing a touch of coolness to the hot summer days. The upper is designed with a white mesh to ensure the breathability when worn. It is designed with a cyan and pink contrast. The super high value can't be rejected. The cyan and pink gradient stripes on the side of the shoe separate the pure white upper. The classic Swoosh is designed in pink and outlined in blue to make the eyes shine. The midsole is dominated by white, and the middle part is designed with a cyan and pink gradient to add a fresh touch. The sole features classic Air Max air cushion technology to ensure a comfortable foot.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Patta and Jordan Brand teamed up to create a strong partnership with Air Jordan 7! Patta's iconic brown outline Air Jordan 7 body contour, delicate matte leather texture is very good, with wine red boots to create a full of gorgeous! Patta x Air Jordan 7 OG SP midsole continuation Air Jordan 7 familiar geometric contrast color, the biggest highlight is the Patta text graffiti dotted in it, highlighting the co-branded identity of domineering personality, the recognition is super high! Accessories and packaging are also quite unique, and the hangtag Jumpman's hands and feet extend beyond the border, making it refreshing and refreshing. The shoe box has a new design, whether it is the shoe itself or the extraordinary specifications, it is a rare boutique in the Air Jordan 7 in recent years.

2019 Sneakers Release,In addition to the new color scheme for Air Jordan 1 this year, Jordan's new and low-cut versions of the new color matching are also endless, more abundant than in previous years. Recently, Jordan has teamed up with Sneaker Politics, a well-known American shoe store, to bring a new pair of Air Jordan 1 Low, and will only sell more than 504 pairs! It can be seen from the physical picture of the exposure that the shoes are mainly white, the laces and the outs are bright red, the midsole is filled with green rubber, and the black “P” at the heel represents the embroidery. Sneaker Politics's store logo. The overall style is biased towards the simple street, and the store elements are ingeniously integrated.


Shop Discount Nike Air Max 98 Desert Ore on Cadysneakers

blair2019 | 02 May, 2019 11:51

Immediately after Nike launched the "Desert Ore" color scheme for the 20-year-old Air Max Tailwind IV, the brand found the same impressive Air Max 98 as the keynote, with the same name Nike Air Max 98 Desert Ore. New color scheme. The original outline of the shoes is retained as a whole. The color of the match is dominated by different shades of sand, with contrasting orange and blue, but there is no gradient setting on Air Max Tailwind IV, but it is also a must. Good color.

2019 Sneakers Release,In addition to the black and gray version of the earlier exposure, the sacai x Nike LDV With Waffle Daybreak, which was recently co-operated by Japanese fashion brand sacai and Nike, recently revealed a pair of the latest purple/green color combinations. The body is made of green mesh material combined with purple suede, while the side-by-side double Swoosh is composed of orange and yellow, and echoes the yellow lining, while other details include a double-layered tongue design and a convex back. Special soles.

Jordan Brand's popular "hybrid" shoes, the Air Jordan 6 Rings, ushered in a new color scheme, based on black and white shoes, adding "Hyper Pink" and "Light Blue Fury" to the details. The summery colors are embellished with a light blue outsole, a pink heel with the Jumpman logo, and a three-tone suede trim of the tongue, pink and fluorescent yellow.


2019 Nike Air Force 1 High White Pink To Release

blair2019 | 25 April, 2019 20:43

This Nike Air Force 1 High features a white leather upper with a new sparkling color bandage and side Swoosh for a more eye-catching look. The “AIR” lettering on the side echoes the bright pink color of the sole, creating a strong contrast, and the latest bright color design on the classic Air Force 1 shoe, the combination of which makes people look forward to it.

2019 Mens Jordans,Nike LeBron 16 Low has a number of new color combinations to be released in succession this year. The unique upper material and chic color scheme have won many fans and fans. Recently, a gray wolf color matching LeBron 16 was first exposed. Woven uppers, booties and leather heels are presented in smoky grey tones. The white Swoosh Logo echoes the Nike Logo and is much lower-key than other color schemes this season. White midsole, transparent air cushion, with marble texture and outsole pattern, the details are very detailed.

Nike Air Force 1 has always been a favorite classic shoe. On the basis of this, Nike launched a Sage version for women. It has quickly gained a lot of fans with a new and avant-garde design. Recently, the new color air force 1 Sage is coming. For sale. Nike WMNS Air Force 1 Sage Low sneakers are made of light pink uppers, perfect for girls to wear. The leather application gives these shoes a better texture. The leather edges are serrated with an extra thick rubber outsole. Compared with the ordinary AF1, the shoes are more avant-garde and unique. The outsole is made of foamed material. It is not as bulky as it looks, and it can achieve an increase.


Buy Air Jordan 11 Cap and Gown on 2019mensjordans

blair2019 | 21 April, 2019 10:17

2019 Mens Jordans With the theme of the caps and robes at the graduation ceremony, Jordan Brand unexpectedly launched the Air Jordan 11 Cap and Gown in the middle of last year. With its extraordinary texture and outstanding performance, it is a good reputation. The little friend has already started the first time! This year's theme seems to be a tradition, and it will continue again, and the debut shoes will be on the same popular Air Jordan 13 shoe! In addition to the sole body of the shoe with black suede and patent leather material, the iconic laser leopard eye of the upper, also changed the familiar bright color dress, supplemented by cool black, completely subverted our air Jordan 13 Traditional impression. The overall body of the shoe is covered with black, which is very similar to the classic black cat dress. The suede and the fur and the patent leather are spliced together, showing a good texture and level. Finally, the dark blue jelly bottom is finished. Whether you are watching or on the feet, you can apply to all kinds of occasions, and the performance of your face is tough and sturdy!

Jay Tatum who plays for the Boston Celtics is definitely the focus of Nike's training in these two years! Not only personally endorsing the first automatic lace-up basketball shoes, but now also has a personal signature Nike Air Max 97 exclusive color, and this high school St. Louis Chaminade College preparatory school as the theme of new products, is expected to be commercially available in the near future! The body features a classic black and white airweight mesh with a red and black mesh. The silvery part of the tongue is embellished with Tatum's signature and The Deuce lettering, which highlights the special color scheme. The biggest highlight is the cartoon graffiti surrounded by the shoes, showing the training life that was once in school, and the significance is extraordinary.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,The Nike Blazer Mid is highly regarded by sneakers for its retro-inspired shoe line and OFF-WHITE. The rich color scheme around it also provides us with more quality choices for everyday wear! The new Nike Blazer Mid is available in the women's WMNS format. The pure white shoes are complemented by bright yellow outlines of Swoosh and heel text. The laser texture logo on the tongue creates a visually pleasing visual expression, which is sure to be refreshed and more refreshing. Exudes eye-catching eye-catching performance!


Shop CLOT x Nike Air Max 97 Haven SP on 2019sneakersrelease

blair2019 | 16 April, 2019 21:15

2019 Mens Jordans,As a representative of Chinese trend culture, CLOT and Edison Chen's every move can always attract the attention of a large number of sneaker players. The CLOT x Nike Air Max 97 Haven SP, which we have reported on, has finally released the official release date today. You can buy this double name on this Thursday! This time, the two models are based on the retro Nike Air Zoom Haven. This pair of shoes was born in 1999. With nearly 20 years of history, it is perfectly suited to the trend of the most popular retro running shoes. According to reports, this is also a pair of retro running shoes that he likes very much. Based on the classic vamp shape, the joint design is completely integrated with the classic air cushion sole of Air Max 97, which improves the overall foot comfort and enhances the value of the face. It is worth noting that the CLOT Logo, which is embellished at the midsole, highlights the joint status and seems to be the only joint logo in the whole pair of shoes, which is the crowning touch.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,In front of the pair, Nike LeBron 16 Martin is inspired by James' favorite 90s TV comedy "Martin", while the color details are derived from the fifth season's DVD cover. The overall shape of the upper is purple with a black outsole, complemented by red and yellow two-tone laces! Triangular serrations and embroidery have improved a lot of details for the whole pair of shoes. The full-fledged Zhanhuang boots are equipped with the color of the arrogance, and the stadium can be battled, and the trend can be out. It really makes people have to love.

2019 Sneakers Release,Every year, Nike is a series of basketball shoes for the EYBL (Elite Youth Basketball League). This series of beautiful colors is full of youthful vitality and is expected every year. In front of this pair of Nike Kyrie 5 EYBL in light green for the main color of the shoes, there is a feeling of fresh sunshine, and with the red Nike Swoosh pair of shoes, the color contrast is strong, people can not move their eyes. The flytrap and the heel on the heel are vibrant and the whole pair of shoes is as energetic and energetic as a teenager.


Shop Air Jordan 1 High OG Crimson Tint on 2019sneakersrelease

blair2019 | 11 April, 2019 10:29

2019 Mens Jordans,Air Jordan 1 High OG Crimson Tint should be regarded as the most orthodox classic of this year. The new Air Jordan 1, whether it is color design or physical value, has a good quality, popularity and attention is not low. The Air Jordan 1 with pink blessing is quite rare. This time, it also uses a classic black and red opaque color template. The large black lychee covers the body, the toe, upper and outsole and Swoosh are naked and pink. .

Jordans 2019 Shoes,BAPE and NEIGHBORHOOD, two representative Japanese street brands, have already established a unique design style in the trend circle. Recently, the two brands have once again joined forces to create a new co-branded series based on the two pairs of popular shoes from adidas POD 3.1 and NMD STLT. BAPE x NEIGHBORHOOD x Adidas POD 3.1 The upper is made of enamel color scheme, the outer side is NEIGHBORHOOD's  mark camouflage, and the inner side is BAPE's human head pattern camouflage. The iconic shark mouth on the outside of the shoe body is just in line with the POD midsole support, showing a very fierce shape. The left and right shoelace positions are marked with BAPE and NEIGHBORHOOD, and the heel label and the insole pattern echo the details of the upper, demonstrating the identity of the joint name.

2019 Sneakers Release,The adidas NMD STLT was first released in the country and the shoes are very avant-garde. The upper is decorated with the ripples commonly used in NEIGHBORHOOD, and the black Primeknit is a plastic material that outlines the unique upper. The shoelaces are decorated in three lines: NBHD, BAPE, and Tokyo. The shape is simple and fits well with the brand style of both parties. Two yellow stickers on the top of the midsole make the shoes add a bit of eye-catching vitality. The heel strap also has a text string that echoes the low profile of the upper.


Buy Air Jordan 11 Low Navy Snakeskin on Cadysneakers

blair2019 | 06 April, 2019 00:46

This year's Air Jordan 11 is still hot. Two days ago, the Rockets point guard Chris Paul took the lead in a pair of royal blue color air Jordan 11, Jordan Brand was laughed by netizens who said that they are making new money according to the blue color card. And this pair of Air Jordan 11 Low Navy Snakeskin finally worked hard on the fabric design, the dark blue snake skin material and the white leather upper surface collided with a different spark, and the snake pattern on the black shoe box is also a Highlights.

A few days ago, we brought you a release of the new color scheme of Air Jordan 1 UNC and a style report, just as you look forward to the sale of the shoes. Today, insiders took the lead in getting the Air Jordan 1 “UNC” and put some physical details on the shoes. The Air Jordan 1 is shown in pure white base tones with the layers of blue and sky blue, making the shoes as simple and sturdy as possible. The high-quality calfskin pattern highlights the degree of care of the fabrics used in the shoes.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes once again brought a dedicated Air Jordan 1 to many women's shoes. The design of this pair of Air Jordan Retro 1 High OG WMNS SP Gina is particularly inspiring, paying tribute to the famous sneakers blogger spginagotgame. This cool grandmother is very young, and the favorite thing is to go to the tide shop to buy and buy. She had a special Air Jordan 1 before, and this time I harvested another one, it is very enviable. This pair of Air Jordan 1 features a black upper with a large red sole. These two colors are also Gina's favorite color. The black upper is adorned with metallic luster, and the wing logo on the side of the shoe is in the form of leather, low-key and full of accents, and Gina's grandmother's head can be seen on the tongue, as if to encourage us Buying shoes and buying them at the age of 80 can't stop.


Buy Air Jordan 33 SE Guo Ailun on 2019mensjordans

blair2019 | 01 April, 2019 12:02

2019 Mens Jordans update the Air Jordan 33 SE was officially released, and the most interesting one is Guo Ailun's exclusive color matching. At the time of the upcoming sale, there is another group of official pictures released, showing us another big surprise in this color scheme! Air Jordan 33 SE Guo Ailun color scheme still continues Guo Ailun's favorite lake water green dress, motto and personal logo are still preserved, followed by the digital embroidery design is a new highlight. In addition, the latest official map shows that the outsole has a luminous effect, making the shoes more attractive. In terms of performance, although the upper is thinner and lighter, the core technologies such as FastFit strap system and Zoom Air cushioning are still retained. At the same time, the more brisk low-cut design is more suitable for the defender like Guo Ailun than the mid-high version.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,After the new color matching of the Nike PG3 NASA theme in the pickled pepper competition, the domestic shoe store SOAR released a set of freshly baked physical pictures! Nike PG3 NASA Apollo Missions Compared to the first orange-blue dress, this shoe has a more refreshing white background, with a champagne gold midsole for a more gorgeous look. The heel is also embellished with the Apollo mission to the moon, with an exclusive ring, which is different from other commercial versions and shows a special color meaning!

2019 Sneakers Release ,Popular old-fashioned shoes style PUMA Thunder has many fans at home and abroad, retro style and personality, coupled with the versatile quality, men and women styles are popular with street players. The cooperation between PUMA and Ferrari has been around for a long time, and this time we finally ushered in the joint cooperation of Ferrari x PUMA Thunder! With a large red logo, it is decorated with white, black and yellow. The shoes are naturally indispensable for the presentation of the Ferrari shield LOGO.


Buy Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Clay on 2019mensjordans

blair2019 | 23 March, 2019 10:40

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2, which was released in the Asian and European markets last weekend, took off directly after the sale, and the female code was too high to climb. In fact, there is a pair of American limited Yeezy 350 V2 “Clay” in the series, which is welcoming the official ticket. However, the latest news said that the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Clay will be officially on sale on March 30th, the end of this month. The well-known sneaker account yankeekicks also has a set of American-defined Yeezy Boost 350 V2, and I am afraid that you will be planted like Xiaobian. These shoes are still designed with Static's translucent shoes, and the unique upper is very individual. In terms of color matching, the earth color is matched with the annual fashion color “Coral Orange” to dress up the whole body of the shoe, which is quite visual of the terracotta warrior Air Jordan 13 Low. Compared with the "Hyperspace" released in China, it is more resistant to dirt, and it is very eye-catching in the summer. Presumably, many friends have already prepared for the money.

Jordans 2019 Shoes With the return of Nike SB Dunk's high-profile announcement, Nike is also launching a number of new and sincere new colors for these classic sneakers. Recently, the Nike SB Dunk High, a group of desert camouflage dresses, has definitely made a lot of military style dressing enthusiasts enjoy themselves. The canvas body is complemented by a desert camouflage pattern, and the black Swoosh echoes the black outsole. The brown colored laces and tongue tags also highlight the rich military atmosphere. At the same time, the Insole is embedded with Zoom Air cushioning technology, which is very suitable for both skateboarding and daily outfits.

Among the heavyweight shoes that 2019 Sneakers Release have been exposed this year, Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 is undoubtedly one of the strongest co-brands, and the latest news is scheduled to be officially released on April 26. The scale of cooperation between the two parties is unprecedented. In addition to the commercially available double-reverse Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1, there are other color matching and different shoe-type anti-hook designs. Air Jordan 1, but there is no release information. Recently, Instagram broke the account py_rates_ and revealed that in addition to the cooperative shoes, the two sides will also bring a series of matching apparel, including two suede sweaters for $150, a top for $100 and a $75 Shorts. The color may be dominated by Travis Scott's signature olive green, and the pattern of the flying man and the cactus is also exposed, probably as a printed element of the costume.


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